3 Benefits of Hiring Local Professionals to Design Modex 2020 Exhibits

In March 2020, Atlantic will host the largest international supply chain expo in South or North America. It is called modex 2020 and includes exhibits that provide 325,000 square feet of supply chain and manufacturing solutions. Companies from all over the world send representatives to learn about the latest developments in their fields. Exhibitors range from automation specialists to wearable technology companies. Since the logistics of shipping and setting up displays for the event are complex, many companies simplify the process by hiring local design houses to create, store, and supervise their exhibits.

Local Designers Help Solve Logistics Problems

Exhibits created for the Atlanta expo are often complex and complicated to assemble. Just moving them safely from their points of origin to the event center can involve several types of transportation. Some materials travel thousands of miles. It takes precise timing and attention to detail to get materials to their destination on time and intact. With that in mind, companies often hire local designers to create custom exhibits. Since designers are already in Atlanta, exhibitors save shipping costs as well as time.

Design Houses Offer Storage

Companies with displays at the Atlanta event also face storage problems. Most exhibition booths are big, bulky, and include elements like electronics. The larger the booths, the more storage they need, and that can be expensive. Some businesses save by storing exhibits with local design houses that offer a range of storage options. Design professionals can also provide custom rental booths.

Exhibit Designers Provide On-Site Supervision

Exhibitors also choose local design companies because they will supervise clients’ displays during events. Experts set up booths, ensure they work, and monitor them. Supervisors appear daily and continuously check on displays until events close at night. They report their findings to clients every day. Technicians also take charge of dismantling and storing booths.

Hundreds of companies from all over the world exhibit products and services at Atlanta’s huge annual logistics expo. Since working with the large displays can be awkward, many exhibitors hire local designers to create, set up, monitor, and store exhibit materials. Using local design houses saves companies money and solves logistics problems.

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